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14th Oct 2019
JOINT STATEMENT: Leading medical authorities ask Parliament to maintain Medevac law The presidents of leading medical colleges are united in asking the Australian Parliament to maintain the Medevac legislation and the Independent Health Advice Panel...
8th Oct 2019
In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week this week, RACMA acknowledges the complex and demanding environment our medical leaders work within and hence the importance of protecting the mental health and wellbeing of the whole medical workforce. Staff
14th Aug 2019
Be an integral part of forming ideas on medical leadership, improving patient experience and the legal implications of emerging technologies in healthcare at this year’s Conference workshops. October 2: Dr William Hasseltine from the US presents on.



Leaders make decisions every day, but the key is doing it more effectively to reach the best outcome. This two-day workshop facilitated by Professor Danny Samson will demonstrate how leaders and managers can make decisions well, that support their...


The Leadership for Clinicians program is a tailored medical management and leadership program. The workshops, case studies and self-development activities are designed to provide medical practitioners fundamental knowledge and practical skills in medical.


Don’t be daunted by public speaking, no matter what your role is. Prepare yourself to avoid any panic and anxiety the next time you need to deliver a key presentation or speech. This one-day session has been specially developed to help build...
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