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Fellowship Training Program Renewal Project


In 2019, the RACMA Board established the Fellowship Training Program Renewal Project. The objectives of the project were to develop and implement a renewed Fellowship Training Program based on a review of all aspects of the current program including the curriculum, education activities, training in the workplace, assessment activities, Candidate requirements for progression to Fellowship, the role of key Candidate supports and the regulations and policies associated with the Fellowship Training Program. The project will culminate in a renewed Fellowship Training Program which is now expected to be implemented for Candidates commencing training from 2025.


The renewed program will:

  • continue to deliver a specialist training program that meets Australian Medical Council and Medical Council of New Zealand accreditation standards
    • be based on contemporary evidence for ‘best practice’ models in medical education
    • demonstrate a greater commitment to cultural competence and safety, in particular for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori peoples
    • include more emphasis on clinical governance and digital health
    • continue to train future Fellows to meet the challenges of their roles within rapidly changing health systems