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Updates from the Candidate Advisory Committee

Candidate Forum, 1 May 2024

RACMA Strategic Planning

RACMA’s strategic planning has been progressing, involving consultation across all member categories to develop a new plan. Four focus areas have been identified: Reimagining RACMA, Influencing and activating the network, Shaping the future of health leadership, and Driving Transformation across the system. An action plan will subsequently be developed to align with these priorities.

Fellowship Training Program (FTP) Renewal

The FTP Renewal Working Group has developed changes to the FTP starting in 2025, with a focus on preparing candidates to excel as RACMA Fellows. The program will now consist of two phases: Foundation and Advanced training. Key changes include completing five core subjects in Masters study and the introduction of Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs). More information to come on implementation and support for these changes. Click HERE to see an overview of the program.