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Training Domains


The Fellowship Training Program (FTP) is an integrated model of teaching, learning and aligned assessment activities in four key domains. Each Domain has a set of learning objectives based on syllabus topics and a program of formative assessment activities and summative tasks.

Health Systems Science Domain (HSSD)

The overall goal of this domain is the acquisition of specialist knowledge of healthcare systems. This domain involves the completion of a university Master’s degree relevant to health system management.

Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD)

The overall goal of this domain is the development and practice of workplace skills.

Personal and Professional Leadership Domain (PPLD)

This domain focuses on the development of the personal attributes needed by Medical Administrators and the mastery of reflective practice.

Research Training Domain (RTD)

The overall aim of the RACMA RTD is to raise Candidate awareness of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to apply a scholarly approach and critically evaluate information for decision making in health service management.