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Education & Training

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) provides specialist medical administration education and training for medical practitioners undertaking management responsibilities in their roles.

The RACMA Fellowship is the only recognised way you can become a Fellow in the Speciality of Medical Administration. What sets RACMA apart from management qualifications offered by other training/higher education bodies is the exposure to experienced Fellows who can mentor and provide practical knowledge and advice to training Candidates. The College has also created an extensive program for Fellows and Members to continue to develop and improve their skills and expertise as Specialist Medical Leaders and Administrators.

The RACMA Fellow provides a well-rounded, holistic approach to the health care system, from translating the policies and planning in the board room to understanding the practical, day-to-day workings of medicine at the coalface. As we continue to face changes in healthcare and challenges in clinical governance, having more medical practitioners specialise in medical leadership and administration is vital to the long-term sustainability and success of delivering consistent and superior health care, while maintaining the needs and aspirations of healthcare providers/services.

See below for the range of education and training programs RACMA offers.

Fellowship Training Program

Are you already undertaking management and leadership responsibilities in your role and want to become a Fellow in the specialty of Medical Administration? Learn more about the Fellowship Training Program.

Leadership for clinicians

Are you a practising clinician wanting to build on your leadership knowledge and skills to play a central, decision-making role within your healthcare and community service? Learn more about the Leadership for Clinicians Program.

Management for clinicians

Are you a clinician planning to work in leadership and management roles but have no background or training in the area? Learn more about Management for Clinicians.