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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different delivery formats?

The 2024 Leadership for Clinicians program will be delivered in two formats:

  • blended delivery format: combination of face to face and scheduled online interactive sessions
  • online delivery: fully online with scheduled interactive sessions
What is the program format?

The program runs over a period of five months.  The Program covers eight topic areas and participants complete pre-work and attend an interactive session for each topic. The 8 topics are delivered as follows:

Blended delivery format

  • Face to face sessions (two days)
  • Four interactive online sessions
  • Face to face sessions (two days)

Online delivery format

Eight interactive online sessions

What are the 2024 Program dates?

There are currently eight programs scheduled in 2024. Each program offering is referred to as a Cohort.

Cohorts 1 – 4: scheduled between February and June

Cohorts 5 – 8: scheduled between August and December

Refer to the 2024 timetables HERE

How much work is required for each topic?

Each topic involves a scheduled face to face or online interactive session of between 4-8 hours. As a guide, participants will spend between four to six hours on self-directed learning in between sessions.

How do I apply for the program?

There are two steps to apply for the Program.  For your application to be considered you must complete both steps.

Step 1 – Complete the online application

Step 2 – Complete the online cohort preference survey

Further information about how to apply can be found HERE

What are the entry criteria for the Leadership for Clinicians Program?
  • a minimum of three years direct patient care
  • current medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  • be in good standing with your employer and other medical specialty colleges
Do I need to be an Affiliate Member of RACMA before applying for the Leadership for Clinicians Program?

No, you do not need to hold any class of RACMA membership to apply for the Leadership for Clinicians Program.

Do I need to attend a program in my jurisdiction?

Applicants may prefer to attend a blended delivery program in their jurisdiction but are not restricted from attending programs in other jurisdictions. An applicant may apply to any blended or online program. Note the program held in Aotearoa New Zealand will focus on the New Zealand healthcare system.

When will applications close?

Applications will remain open until the maximum number of participants is reached.

What are the program fees?

The 2024 Leadership for Clinicians Program fees are:

  • Blended delivery format – $11,795.00 ($AU)
  • Online delivery format – $8,975.00 ($AU)
When are the fees payable?

All fees are payable by the due date as specified in the notice to pay (invoice).

How do I pay my program fees?

Invoices will be available through the MyRACMA portal. Payment method information is available on the invoice. Click HERE for more information.

How do I access my receipt?

Receipts will be available for download via the MyRACMA portal. Click HERE for more information.

Is the program full-time or part-time?

The program is delivered over a five month period. Information regarding sessions and a guide to the number of hours required can be found under ‘Overview of the Leadership for Clinicians Program’.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The 2024 Leadership for Clinicians Program is delivered over five months.

What recognition is given for the program, are post nominals available?

Successful completion of the Leadership for Clinicians program is a RACMA Board approved pathway to apply to elect to Associate Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

Associate Fellows of RACMA can use the post nominals ‘AFRACMA’ in accordance with the policy ‘Membership signature blocks and post nominals’.

Is this program available to Clinicians who are not Medical Administrators?

Clinicians who meet the entry criteria can apply for the Leadership for Clinicians Program.

What happens if I am unable to attend a scheduled session?

Participants who are unable to attend a scheduled session are advised to contact the College via email or call +61 3 9824 4699.

If I miss a scheduled session, may I complete it next year?

Yes, missed sessions can be completed up to 12 months from program commencement. Make up sessions will need to be arranged with College staff.

If I need to attend an online session instead of my scheduled face to face session, will my fees be reduced?

No, you will need to pay the fees for the delivery format you have been accepted into.

If I need to withdraw from the Program will I incur a cancellation fee?

Any withdrawal from the program will be subject to the Education Programs Fee Policy.

Are there any program scholarships or fee discounts?

Yes, Indigenous participants are eligible for a 50% fee reduction.  The discount will be applied to the 2nd instalment payment.

RACMA has partnered with AIDA and TeORA to offer a full scholarship covering program fees, for one Indigenous Australian and one Māori doctor.

How and when can I access Program learning materials?

Canvas is the learning management system that will be used throughout the program. Access to Canvas will be provided after all program fees have been paid.

I have conditions on my medical registration, may I still apply for the LFC program?

If you have conditions on your Medical Registration with either Ahpra or MCNZ you may still apply for the LFC program. All registrations will be reviewed by RACMA and the nature and detail of any conditions assessed. RACMA reserves the right not to proceed with an application based on these conditions.