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Program Overview

The RACMA 2023 Management for Clinicians program will be delivered as an online program, consisting of four online sessions. Each session will be three hours in duration.

The four topics covered are:

Understanding Clinical Governance

The Healthcare System within developed countries consists of a complex set of organisations and stakeholder relationships. Understand the legal frameworks that exist to help government departments to exercise strategy and meet community requirements.

Health System Finance Foundations

Clinical organisations must manage and allocate resources, meeting the priorities of healthcare expenditure. Develop an understanding of budget formulation, monitoring and management.

Communication for Leading Teams

Communication is a critical tool employed by managers to achieve multiple outcomes. Strong, united teams achieve goals and solve problems. Managing conflict is a key management skill supported with clear, empathetic communication.

Clinician to Clinician Manager

The Clinician Manager is required to support and lead clinical governance. They have the knowledge and skills to deal with challenges as they arise.

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