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Applying for the Program

Applications for the 2024 Fellowship Training Program have now closed. For any enquiries, please email

Please carefully read the following information before you start your application through the link at the bottom of this page. You will need to provide the following information to apply.


Please use the RACMA template for your CV. You can access the CV Template HERE.

A copy of your current CV needs to include:

  • All positions held including organisation and start/end dates. The roles listed in your CV must align to those you enter in the application form to demonstrate your clinical experience.
  • Medical management experience.
  • Other qualifications.
  • List of publications and research activities (not to be submitted).
  • Continuing professional development undertaken in the last 12 months.


You will need to provide full name and email addresses for THREE referees. One must be your current or most recent line manager. RACMA will contact your nominated referees to complete a Referee Report Form.

Referees can be Supervisors, Clinical Director or Head of Unit/Department (or equivalent) or any senior colleagues engaged in medical management and have worked with you within the last two years.

Referees will be asked to comment on their observations of you in relation to:

  • Management training you have undertaken
  • Management experience
  • Leadership style
  • Interpersonal skills eg relationship with others, nursing staff, peers, superiors
  • Communication skills eg written, presentation, negotiation
  • Delegation in terms of decision making
  • Stakeholder engagement


You must provide a copy of your current medical registration certificate including conditions (if applicable).

Applicants should hold general registration (unconditional) with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA) or full general medical registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

Australian applicants – If an applicant does not have general registration at time of application, they will be required to seek an enabling condition on their registration with the Medical Board of Australia. This will allow training to be undertaken in another scope or speciality. Evidence of amendment to registration will be required by no later than 1 Februaru 2024.

A letter of support from your organisation needs to be supplied if you have not achieved the minimum three years clinical experience at time of application, but you are able to do so by the beginning of the academic year.


You must provide information on your training post at time of application. This includes organisation name, training post title and time fraction of your role in Medical Management.

Apply Here

Applications for the 2024 Fellowship Training Program have now closed. For any enquiries, please email