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Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD)

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The overall goal of this domain is the development and practice of workplace skills.

Candidates are required to:

  • satisfactorily develop skills during a minimum of three full-time equivalent years of supervised Medical Management Practice in an accredited training post
  • succeed in the Medical Management Practice (MMP) Oral Examination

Learning activities completed during the Candidate’s required period of supervised practice are used to provide evidence of the development of medical management competencies.

Fellowship Training Program Applicants

Candidates may seek Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) for previously developed management competencies outlined by the Curriculum learning objectives. Click HERE for the Medical Management Practice Domain Application for RPLE.

If granted RPLE, the Candidate will be notified of:

  • the minimum number of full-time equivalent years of satisfactorily completed supervised Medical Management Practice in an accredited training post that will be required prior to attempting the MMP Oral Examination; and
  • the assessment tasks that are outstanding for eligibility for Fellowship.

Further information about RPLE is available HERE.

Enquiries regarding the Medical Management Practice Domain can be emailed to the FTP Team