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King’s Birthday Honours 2024 – Aotearoa New Zealand

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RACMA would like to congratulate our Members who received King’s Birthday Honours in Aotearoa New Zealand this year. It is a great achievement to be recognised by the wider community for their services to medicine, health care, Medical Administration, leadership and management.

Aotearoa New Zealand RACMA Members who received King’s Birthday Honours this year include: (please note the following list is not exhaustive and will continue to be updated).

King’s Service Medal (KSM)

Dr Matire Louise Ngarongoa HARWOOD (AFRACMA) – For services to Māori health.

Dr Matire Harwood (Ngāpuhi) has advocated for Māori health as an academic research leader for the broader health sector and as a General-Practitioner at Papakura Marae Health Clinic since 2015.

Dr Harwood’s PhD examined recovery after stroke, designing and testing an intervention for rehabilitation specifically for Māori and Pacific Peoples, the success of which was published widely and has led to changes in treatment guidelines. She became Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Administration at the University of Auckland in January 2024. She trains senior medical students in Māori health and leads clinical and qualitative research with a focus on managing long term conditions in the community. She has received several awards since 2017 recognising her contributions to Māori health, particularly in South Auckland during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is co-Chair of Te Whatu Ora’s Clinical Research steering group and is a member of the Hauora Māori Advisory Committee to the Minister of Health. She has served on various Boards and committees including the Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Auckland District Health Board. Dr Harwood is editor of the Māori Health Review, a summary of significant medical research affecting Māori.

Author: Felicity Gallagher

3rd June 2024

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