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I want to know more about Medical Leadership & RACMA

RACMA is unique as a provider of medical leadership and management qualifications as it is the only specialist medical educator whose programs are recognised for the granting of Specialist Registration in Medical Administration. Put simply, RACMA offers Medical Leadership Education by Doctors for Doctors who want to influence the health outcomes of many.

Specialist Medical Administrators have broad based training and expertise in health service leadership and management. Their training and expertise are applied across a diverse range of agencies including private and public hospitals, government, the pharmaceutical or medical device industry, information technology, health insurance, professional and non-government organisations, universities, primary health, and community-based health services.

The Specialist Medical Administrator may perform roles such as senior executive, clinical manager, medical advisor, policy advisor, enabler of medical professionalism, or medical academic. Their responsibilities may include service planning, management and leadership, policy development, performance management, operational optimisation, clinical governance, clinical risk, regulatory compliance, medical advisor, medical informatician, medical educator, and medico-legal advisor.

RACMA Members are Medical Leaders responsible for enhancing and maintaining the overall delivery of quality health outcomes for all. Their roles are diverse, including:

  • Chief Medical Officers;
  • Director of Medical Services;
  • Chief executives of hospitals and universities;
  • Heads of divisions of medical services;
  • Heads of health authorities;
  • Chief health officers of government jurisdictions;
  • Consultants to governments and private sector health services; and
  • Public policy and health program management in information technology and pharmaceuticals.

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A Career in Medical Leadership

RACMA is committed to achieving excellence in the Speciality of Medical Administration in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific Region, in order to enhance and maintain high standards of health care across the region.

Scope of Practice

The Medical Administration Scope of Practice allows the College and its Members to clearly articulate the core role and contribution of Medical Leaders within the health system. The document details eight core dimensions of practice for a Medical Leader.

Leadership for Clinicians

The RACMA Leadership for Clinicians program aims to empower clinician leaders with the knowledge, skills, confidence and self-awareness to play a central, decision making role within their healthcare and community services.

Management for Clinicians

The Management for Clinicians Program is designed for clinicians who are planning to work in leadership and management roles. The workshops are facilitated by experts including experienced Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.