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International Men’s Health Week, 14-20 June 2021

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This week is International Men’s Health Week, putting the spotlight on what it means to be healthy.

Managing your health and wellbeing is vital. As health professionals always focussed on the health of everyone else, Medical Leaders, managers and practitioners are not immune to physical conditions and emotional burnout. The wellbeing of the diverse medical workforce is crucial to deliver quality healthcare and as it is up to medical leaders to nurture the healthcare workforce together.

It is paramount Medical Leaders lead by example, support each other, and more importantly look out look out for family and friends and normalise the health conversation with the men in your lives.

Too often, the male “bravado” clouds judgment, seeing most men brushing their health and wellbeing concerns to the side.

Men’s Health Week was started in the United States by the US Congress in 1994 to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. 

It provides an important platform to encourage men to feel fine about considering, challenging, and confronting their health issues.

However, let us not forget the week is just as much about focussing on wellness as it is about managing illness.

The health of the male population is by no means less important than the health of the female population, but it is different. Men and women have different health needs, are affected differently by various diseases and illnesses, and access services in different patterns and for different reasons.

Let’s join together and make a point of highlighting all aspects of men’s health and wellbeing this week in our workplaces to both address the health needs and improve the health outcomes of all males across Australasia.

For more information, including resources and events in your jurisdiction, visit Men’s Health Week in Australia is led and delivered by the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre as part of the Western Sydney University, School of Health and Science.

Lastly, as we focus on men’s health and wellbeing this week, make sure you add Women’s Health Week to your diaries: 6-10 September and visit for resources and events.

Author: Felicity Gallagher

14th June 2021

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