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Changes to College Examinations

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Significant changes to College Examinations will be implemented from 2024.

The changes that are being implemented are in response to a request from the Candidate Advisory Committee to consider removal of the College Trial Examination as a compulsory training requirement. Since receiving this request, a formal proposal considering the implications for the changes was developed. Members of the following College Committees were invited to provide comment and feedback on the proposed changes.

  • Board of Censors
  • Candidate Advisory Committee
  • Training Progress Committee

The Education and Training Committee has since endorsed and the RACMA Board approved the following:

  • The College Trial Examination will be removed as a compulsory training requirement and an eligibility requirement for sitting the Medical Management Practice (MMP) Oral Examination from 2024.
  • The last College Trial Examination will be conducted online using Zoom in November 2023. The 2023 College Trial Examination will be optional for Candidates planning to sit the MMP Oral Examination in 2024 or later.
  • From 2024 there will be two face-to-face sittings of the MMP Oral Examination per year.
  • From 2024 the maximum allowable attempts at the MMP Oral Examination will increase to four for all Candidates.

Due regard was given to the following factors when considering and planning for these significant changes:

  • Hearing and being responsive to the needs of RACMA Candidates
  • Maintaining the high standards and integrity of the MMP Oral Examination
  • Ensuring fairness for all Candidates

The arrangements and requirements to fully implement these changes have not yet been finalised. Work will be conducted over the coming months which will include further consultation on the requirements to operationalise these changes. Further information will be provided in due course.

Please direct any questions to or +61 3 9824 4699.

Author: Maria Cerullo

19th March 2023

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