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Celebrating Women’s Health Week 2021

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RACMA is proud to support the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week across Australia this week.

This year the focus is on reminding women and girls to set aside time for their health and wellbeing with the tag-line ‘Women’s health. Powerful stuff.’ As many of our women leaders continue to be tested by the impacts of COVID-19, there is not a more pertinent time to make sure self-care stays a priority for all women.

The annual Women’s Health Week campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing and preventing future health problems for all women and girls in Australia.

As health professionals, we are always focussed on the health of everyone else, and women are known to put others in their lives first, before themselves. But women are not immune to physical conditions and emotional burnout. The wellbeing of our diverse medical workforce is crucial to deliver quality healthcare, and as leaders, it is up to us to nurture our workforce together.

It is paramount Medical Leaders all lead by example, support each other, and more importantly look out for our family and friends.

Let’s join together and encourage our colleagues to make an appointment for a health check, particularly our women colleagues being reminded this week in Women’s health week, but all of us – get active, and connect with family and friends. There’s plenty of leading health information and resources at to share across our workplaces.

~ RACMA President Prof Alan Sandford AM

Author: Felicity Gallagher

6th September 2021

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