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Board Nominations Open

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Become involved in a RACMA Leadership Role

Nominations for the Chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee position and Candidate Director position of the RACMA Board are now open.

Click HERE to download the nomination form for the Chair of Finance and Audit Committee position, which is a three-year term and must be a Fellow.

Click HERE to download the nomination form for the Candidate Director position, which is a two-year term.

Key dates

  • Friday 10 July 2020: Nominations for Board Elections Close
  • Friday 31 July 2020: Voting for Board Elections Open (if more than one nomination for each category)
  • Friday 14 August 2020: Voting for Board Elections Close

Voting will be conducted electronically.

Please Note

Currently there are two Fellows on the RACMA Board from Queensland and New South Wales. Unless one of those Fellows ceases to be a Board member before the AGM (which is not presently anticipated), Fellows from those jurisdictions would be INELIGIBLE to be appointed in to the role of Chair of Audit and Finance Committee.  Fellows from all other jurisdictions would be eligible for appointment.
The RACMA Constitution can be accessed HERE.

Author: Felicity Gallagher

19th June 2020

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