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Continuing Professional Development (CPD in AUS) and Continuous Medical Education (CME in NZ) FAQs

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating challenges for all medical practitioners to meet workforce and clinical needs, with reduced opportunities for professional development activities and events. CPD/CME is an important part of professional practice and is part of the registration standard; however in these difficult times steps have been taken to assist practitioners from both the Medical Board of Australia and Medical Council of New Zealand.

Q. What are my CPD requirements for the 2019 calendar year?

A. The CPD requirements for the 2019 calendar year have not altered.

Q. When do I have to complete the recording of my 2019 CPD activities in MyRACMA?

A. As many of our members may be required to work longer hours and perform duties not usually within their current job description it is understood that the administrative requirement of recording your 2019 CPD in MyRACMA may create a burden at this time. In light of this the College has extended the cut-off date for recording your 2019 CPD activities in MyRACMA until 31 July 2020.  

Q. What are the CPD requirements for 2020?

A. The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) have recognised the difficulties practitioners are experiencing. Both regulators have provided an update on CPD requirements as follows:-

The Medical Board of Australia made the following announcement on 30 March 2020:

“The Medical Board of Australia will not take action if you cannot meet the CPD registration standard when you renew your medical registration this year.

………..The Board will keep a close watch on the situation to determine whether the 2021 renewal year is affected.”

You may access this update directly here.

The Medical Council of New Zealand made the following announcement on 26 March 2020:

“Council has therefore agreed, to waive recertification requirements for the next 11 months.

………until 28 February 2021.”

You may access this update directly here.

Q. I am undertaking varied work activities at present, can these be counted towards my CPD for 2020?

A. Yes. Many of your management activities through the COVID-19 pandemic are directly relevant to CPD. For example, they involve acquisition of new knowledge, complex planning as well as responding to ever changing scenarios and supporting colleagues and patients using direct and remote technologies. You can record these types of activities in your CPD record in MyRACMA and remember to include a reflective statement of your experiences.