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COVID-19 Pandemic

Please be aware that the MyRACMA system will be unavailable on Tuesday 2nd April at 07:00 (AEDT) as we will be performing scheduled maintenance. We anticipate a downtime of 30 minutes.

There have been some impacts on CPD for 2020 due to COVID-19 which have been outlined as follows from both the Australian and New Zealand regulatory bodies.

Medical Board of Australia – April 2020

The Board has confirmed it would not take action if you cannot meet the CPD registration standard when you renew your registration this year (2020).

These relaxed requirements apply to the CPD doctors are expected to undertake in 2020, and to their declaration in the year that covers 2020 CPD.

If you have general registration, this will be the declaration you make when you renew your registration in 2020. If you have specialist registration, it may be related to the declaration you make in subsequent years, about the 2020 CPD year.

We are clarifying this because the CPD cycles for specialist colleges vary.

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Medical Council of New Zealand – March 2020

Waiving recertification requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the course of the current COVID-19 pandemic, doctors are likely to have difficulties accessing the usual channels and methods to undertake learning and development activities to meet recertification requirements. 

We recognise that there will be significantly reduced opportunities for continued medical education (CME) through forums, conferences, face-to-face training and/or study, or other such events that require people to congregate. Other activities, for example peer review and multi-source feedback, are also likely to be difficult and of less importance while urgent clinical work is clearly a priority.

We acknowledge that recertification programme providers also face the same restrictions as other businesses and organisations during this period and will likely be unable to carry out the usual functions, which includes carrying out audits on doctors’ compliance with recertification requirements.

Council has therefore agreed, to waive recertification requirements for the next 11 months.

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