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CPD Home Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I have to do CPD?

Medicine is constantly evolving and, to maintain our skills and expertise, we must continue to grow professionally throughout our career.

Reflecting the importance of CPD, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requires all registered doctors to annually complete the CPD program of an Australian Medical Council (AMC) accredited CPD provider (“Home”).

Why are changes happening with the CPD program?

The MBA is committed to improving the quality of CPD undertaken by medical practitioners. This has led to new requirements for registration which include an emphasis on “active CPD” activities including practice reviews and the measurement and improvement of outcomes. These changes are mandatory and will be implemented from 1 January 2023.

What are the changes?

Medical practitioners will be required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of CPD activity relevant to their scope of practice and in a program provided by an appropriate and accredited “Home”. Their CPD activities must be underpinned by cultural safety, health equity and professional and ethical practice.

The 50 hours must include:

1. A Professional Development Plan (PDP)

2. a. A minimum of 5 hours of reviewing performance

b. A minimum of 5 hours of measuring outcomes

*In categories a. and b., a minimum total of 25 hours of CPD is to be undertaken with doctors to decide the most appropriate mix of activities.

c. A minimum of 12.5 hours of continuing education

3. The remaining 12.5 hours of CPD are to be a mixture of the three categories of activities with doctors deciding the best activities for their professional development needs.

(An annual conversation with a peer, colleague or employer is highly recommended but not a compulsory component of the MBA requirements. However, it is a mandatory review of practice activity in the RACMA program)

When will these changes occur?

The new requirements will commence on 1 January 2023 and doctors with general registration may continue with a self-directed program during 2023 However, from 1 January 2024 they will be required to participate in the CPD program of an accredited home.

What is RACMA?

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators was established in 1967 with the aim of promoting and advancing the study of health services management by medical practitioners.

Fellows of the college are recognised by AHPRA as specialists in Medical Administration.

Doctors who have a mixture of clinical and administrative roles may apply to be Associate or Affiliate Fellows of the College.

Why should I choose RACMA as my CPD home?


  • Is Australia’s pre-eminent provider of medical leadership and management education and training.
  • Welcomes non-members to its CPD program
  • Is accredited by the Australian Medical Council
  • Is experienced in certifying CPD compliance for doctors in indirect clinical roles
  • Is an experienced provider of CPD resources for doctors who do not directly treat patients, with an emphasis on the categories of:
    • Practice review
    • Measurement of outcomes
  • Provides exceptional educational resources, including:
    • An annual Conference
    • CPD webinars
    • A library of on-line resources including journals and courses
    • A user-friendly on-line CPD handbook
    • A user-friendly on-line reporting app
    • Provides friendly assistance through experienced CPD coordinators
My scope of practice is unusual. How can RACMA help me?

RACMA is committed to the continuing development of high quality CPD resources. We have a wide range of suggested activities to meet the requirements for practice reviews and the measurement of outcomes, which sometimes appear daunting for doctors working in indirect clinical roles.

Our CPD co-ordinators and the staff of our CPD Hub welcome the opportunity to provide assistance for your particular CPD needs and can be contacted at

How much will the RACMA program cost?

The cost of joining RACMA as a CPD Home in 2023 will be $2,541.00 inc GST and will include an Affiliate Membership with the College for the first year you join us as your CPD Home. If you wish to continue your Affiliate Membership beyond the first year, you will be required to pay this fee on an annual financial year basis. Fees for access to RACMA as a CPD home will be charged on an annual basis for a calendar year.

What is the next step?

Please fill in the Expression of Interest form on this site and we will contact you in the near future to discuss your CPD needs.