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Financial Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Candidates

The following financial support is offered to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Candidates/Participants/Attendees.*

Fellowship Training ProgramReduction
Candidate Application Fee$812.50 (50% reduction applied)
Candidate Annual Membership Subscription$1,259.50 (Membership fees do not currently attract a reduction)
FTP Enrolment Fee (one-off payment)$690.00 (50% reduction applied)
FTP Training Fee (annual fee)$1,643.00 (50% reduction applied)
Masters (paid to university)Cost will vary depending on length of course and university.
Workshop Fees (includes workshops across 3 years)$3,380.50 (50% reduction applied)
Examination Fees$1,786.50 (50% reduction applied)
Leadership for Clinicians (LFC) CourseReduction
Blended Course$5,897.50 (50% reduction applied)
Online Course   $4,487.50 (50% reduction applied)
Management for Clinicians CourseReduction
Full Course$875.00 (50% reduction applied)
RACMA Conference RegistrationReduction
Conference$727.50 (50% reduction applied)
Prices are current as of 18 March 2024 and are subject to change