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RACMA’s Fellowship Training Program (FTP) Pathway

Health System Science (HSSD)
Medical Management Practice (MMPD)
Research Training (RTD)
Personal and Professional Leadership Development (PPLD)
MMPD requires 3 years supervised medical management experience in an accredited post.

RTD requires completion of a Master’s subject in evidence-based enquiry, a health service evaluation research project, a research presentation and a report.
HSSD requires the completion of an approved Masters degree.

PPLD involves workshops and assessments aligned to RACMA candidacy stages: Novice (1st year), Apprentice/ Intermediate (2nd year) and Competent/Proficient & Expert (3rd/4th year).
Candidates must perform ‘satisfactorily’ in each of the four programs within specified timeframes
Bi annual in training performance reports, assessed as ‘satisfactory or not’
Educational Activities and modules
Trial Oral Examination
MMPD Oral Examination
Additional Info:
·         Part-time training (minimum 0.5 FTE) is available.
·         Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) is available by formal application.

Application Eligibility Requirements

Applicants to the Fellowship Training Program must:

  • Have current general or specialised/vocational medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  • Have completed a minimum of 3 years full time equivalent (FTE) clinical experience involving direct patient care in an Australasian health system or one that is comparable
  • Have secured an accredited training post in medical management practice that is in line with the RACMA Accreditation standards and Regulation.