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Eligible health settings can apply for STP or IRTP funding consideration via a Reserve List Process (RLP) which is held annually in March by the Department of Health via an online system.

RLP applications go through an assessment process and, if deemed suitable by both the College and Jurisdictional Workforce Branches, will be added to RACMA’s STP or IRTP Reserve List. This does not guarantee that funding will be offered, only that the setting will be added to the ‘pool’ to be considered in future should a vacancy occur.

The next RLP will open in March 2025. The application link will be available on the Department of Health website and will be open for four weeks.

If you would like to be informed of future STP funding rounds, please provide your details in the Contact Form below.

Before completing this form, please check that your setting meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • To be eligible to apply for funding, Health settings must be:
  • STP funding will only support new positions
  • All STP funded positions must be accredited by RACMA

Settings that that receive funding via the STP acknowledge that this is a funding contribution which does not cover the full cost of employing and providing training to a Candidate. The health setting is responsible for covering the remaining cost.

STP Contact Form

STP Contact Form

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