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Funding streams and amounts

Please Note: The RACMA Office is closed Tuesday 7 November 2023 due to a Public Holiday in Victoria.

The STP has three funding streams:

  • Specialist Training Program (STP) – for rural (MM 2-7) or private posts
  • Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) – for rural (MM 2-7) posts
  • The Tasmanian Project (TAS) – for Tasmanian posts

RACMA administers 17 STP posts, 9 IRTP posts and 7 Tasmanian posts on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Health.

STP funding stream

STP funding is for new training positions that have a minimum of 0.5 FTE in rural, regional, remote or private health settings and are accredited by RACMA.

IRTP funding stream

IRTP funding is an expansion of the STP program, and requires trainees to spend a minimum of 66% of their total training time in a rural setting and show a commitment to working in a rural area.

The Tasmanian Project (TAS) funding stream

The Training More Specialist Doctors in Tasmania project (The Tasmanian Project) provides funding to increase training places in Tasmania by supporting both specialist fellowship training and supervisory positions undertaken and completed in Tasmania. At this time there is no opportunity to apply for funding consideration for new positions under the Tasmanian Project.

Settings that that receive funding via the STP acknowledge that this is a funding contribution which does not cover the full cost of employing and providing training to a Candidate. The health setting is responsible for covering the remaining cost.