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Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience FAQs

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What is RPLE?

Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) is the formal recognition of the skills, knowledge and experience that a person has obtained external to the College’s Fellowship Training Program.

What is involved in the RPLE assessment process?

The RPLE assessment process involves:

  • Submission of application form, supporting evidence and a reflective writing exercise;
  • Completion of online questionnaires by applicant (self-assessment) and three referees; and
  • RPLE Interview Panel Assessment (if applicant deemed eligible to present for interview following a document-based assessment).
Who will assess my application?

The RPLE Assessment Panel. The Panel will comprise of two RACMA Censors who have been accredited to evaluate the applicants’ prior learning and experience in medical administration and determine the level of RPLE to be awarded.

Who can apply for RPLE?

Anyone can apply provided they meet the eligibility criteria.  This includes applicants for the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) and current Candidates of RACMA FTP in Australia and New Zealand.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for RPLE for MMPD:

  • You would be required to currently be working at senior management level;
  • Have significant previous experience as a senior manager e.g. Director of Medical Services, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Department/Unit etc.; and
  • Demonstrate your high level competency across all seven competencies listed in the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum which can be found HERE. Your application should demonstrate your level of competence against the Dreyfus Model of Skills Acquisition at the Competent, Proficient and Expert skill levels.
When and how should I submit my application?

You can apply for RPLE for MMPD anytime throughout the year, even if you have not commenced your training or applied for the FTP.  The outcome of the RPLE assessment is applicable to the following academic year in which the FTP is due to commence.  Candidates on the RACMA FTP can apply at any time during their training.  All applications must be submitted online via the RACMA website.

Is the application fee refundable if I withdraw my application or if I am not successful?

The application fee for RPLE is non-refundable.

Who should I ask to be a referee?

Referees should be your direct line managers from your last (most recent) three roles, preferably Fellows of RACMA.

What training requirements might I be granted exemption for through RPLE?

The outcome of the RPLE process for the MMPD, if successful, will be reduced time in supervised medical management practice during training.  You will still be required to sit the RACMA Trial and Oral examinations.

I am not happy with the outcome of my application. What can I do?

You may apply for reconsideration under the provisions of the College’s Reconsideration, Review and Appeal of Decisions of the College Committees and Officers policy available on the RACMA website HERE.