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The Program

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The RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP) is accredited by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

After completion of the training program Candidates can apply for Specialist Registration in Medical Administration with the MBA or MCNZ. Completion of the training program enables medical practitioners to use their clinical training and experience together with their specialist medical management expertise to lead and influence the health service delivery. The Program is designed around the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum which outlines the knowledge, skills and attributes required of a RACMA Fellow.

The Curriculum is organised into four learning domains:

  • Health System Science
  • Medical Management Practice
  • Research Training
  • Personal and Professional Leadership Development

Within each domain, there are a set of learning objectives, syllabus topics, learning activities and assessment activities.

The FTP can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis while working in supervised medical management practice in various healthcare settings or government departments or authorities. The minimum time fraction for part-time training is 0.5 EFT in supervised medical management practice in the workplace. The program may be completed in three years of full-time training.

Please Note: The new RACMA Fellowship Training Program Learning Outcomes will be implemented from 3 February 2025 and will apply for all Candidates. Read more

A Career in Medical Administration

A RACMA Fellowship leads to a range of senior positions including:

Chief Medical OfficersHeads of divisions of medical services
Director of Medical ServicesHeads of health authorities
Chief executives of hospitals and universities Chief health officers of government jurisdictions
Consultants to governments and private sector health servicesPublic policy and health program management in information technology and pharmaceuticals

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