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Fellowship Training Program (FTP)


RACMA is unique as a provider of medical management and leadership qualifications as it is the only specialist medical educator whose programs are recognised for the granting of Specialist Registration in Medical Administration.


RACMA has developed the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum to govern the direction and scope of the College's education and training programs. Please Note: The new RACMA Fellowship Training Program Learning Outcomes will be implemented from 3 February 2025 and will apply for all Candidates.

Applying for the FTP

Please carefully read this section to start your application as there are a number of important steps involved in the process.

Training Domains

The FTP is an integrated model of teaching, learning and aligned assessment activities in four key domains.

Training Post Accreditation

Accreditation of training posts ensures that medical administration workplace experiential opportunities are available in the health setting. These are aligned with the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum competencies required for the FTP.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE)

The RPLE process enables applicants for the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) to seek advance standing as a result of prior learning and experience.

Specialist Training Program (STP)

The Specialist Training Program (STP) applies to Australian health settings only.  STP is a Department of Health (Australia) initiative designed to extend vocational training for specialist registrars working outside traditional metropolitan teaching hospitals; with an emphasis on training in regional, rural and remote areas and private facilities.

Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMG)

Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) who wish to practice in the speciality of Medical Administration in Australia or NZ must apply directly to the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) for an assessment of their comparability to an Australian/NZ trained specialist.