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Victoria Committee

Please be aware that the MyRACMA system will be unavailable on Tuesday 2nd April at 07:00 (AEDT) as we will be performing scheduled maintenance. We anticipate a downtime of 30 minutes.

  • Chair – Dr Katherine Worsley
  • Honorary Secretary – Dr David Rankin
  • Coordinator of Training – Dr Anand Ponniraivan
  • CPD Coordinator – Dr Ian Graham
  • Candidate Representative (metro) – Dr Nathan Vos
  • Candidate Representative (Regional/Rural) – Dr Nabrees Sinnalebbe
  • AFRACMA Representative – Dr Angela Williams
  • Major Public Territory Representative – Prof Mary O’Reilly
  • Member, Social Coordinator – Dr Suhan Baskar
  • Member, Social Coordinator – Dr Rex Prabhu
  • Member – Dr Jason Goh
  • Member – Prof Erwin Loh