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Clinical Director – Division of Medicine – Canberra Health Services

Canberra Health Services

Canberra Health Services
Canberra, ACT

Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Canberra, ACT
Application Close Date: 18/02/2024

Where you’ll be working

Canberra Health Services (CHS) is focussed on the delivery of high quality, effective, person centred care. It provides acute, sub-acute, primary and community‐based health services, to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and surrounding region. More information can be found on the CHS website: CHS website

Medical Staff in the Canberra Health Services enjoy excellent conditions, and our Enterprise Agreement is available at ENTERPRISE AGREEMENTS

The Canberra Hospital Division of Medicine provides services across a range of medical specialties. A strong emphasis is placed across all sections on accessible and timely care, delivered to a high standard of safety and quality.  This is underpinned by the Division’s commitment to research and training.  The Division works in partnership with professional colleagues, consumers, and a range of government and non-government service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

About the Role

This role is for a Specialist, Senior Specialist who will be appointed permanently in a specialty within the Division of Medicine at the Canberra Hospital. The candidate will hold the additional responsibilities as the Clinical Director of Medicine (CDM). The tenure of the CDM responsibilities is 3 years, with the possibility of extension up to 5 years. The CDM responsibilities will attract a Level 3 Managerial Allowance. The clinical, non- clinical and managerial time will be negotiated with the Executive Director of Medicine.


Under limited direction of the Executive Director of Medicine you will perform the role of CDM working collaboratively with the Director of Nursing, Director of Operations, and other Directors within the Division and across CHS to achieve strategic objectives. The CDM will have a key leadership role in our workplace culture and building high performing teams. You will:

1. Continue to provide inpatient and outpatient clinical and Medical services to clients and participate in on-call roster(s).
2. Provide high level clinical leadership into service development, service redesign and model of care development to ensure that services are high quality, sustainable, safe and that service delivery targets are met.
3. Ensure appropriate clinical governance mechanisms are in place and that Service adhere to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.
4. Actively participate in resource management including human, financial, and physical resources for medical services in collaboration with other members of the Division’s leadership team.
5. Provide expert clinical opinion, effective clinical risk management and high-level written communication inputting into Ministerial briefs, coronial briefs, business case submission and complaint resolution, as required.
6. Work collaboratively with Unit Directors and the Director of Clinical Training to ensure that the requirements for accreditation and re-accreditation with the relevant colleges are met and identify other professional development, training requirements and opportunities for clinical staff within the Division (i.e., medical, nursing, and allied health).
7. In collaboration with the Unit Directors, provide advice and engage in matters of medical performance management. Actively advocate for hospital wide strategies including use of the DHR and Speaking Up For Safety in order to promote patient safety and excellence.
8. Develop strategic workforce plans in collaboration with Unit Directors and the Division’s executive team to ensure timely recruitment processes that facilitate recruitment, retention, and medical workforce development.
9. Represent the Division at internal and external forums and committees and work collaboratively with strategic and academic partners with a commitment both to CHS learning and teaching strategies and to research.
10. Undertake other duties as directed, within the approved scope of clinical practice ensuring the delivery of high quality person and family centred, safe and high quality patient care

About You

The CDM will have a key leadership role within the Division of Medicine and across CHS. As a member of the Division of Medicine executive team the CDM works collaboratively to achieve our strategic priorities and provide exceptional health care to our patients from the ACT and surrounding regions.

Reporting to the Executive Director of Medicine this role provides high level leadership to the Medical workforce to ensure the division meets its clinical, financial, and strategic objectives, and that patients receive safe, high-quality care. The Unit Directors of the following sub-specialties or services report to the CDM.

There is an expectation that the successful applicant will maintain accountability for their own practice standards and education. The appointee will be expected to represent the Division of Medicine both internally and externally at a range of strategic and planning forums. During the tenure of this position numerous strategic projects will be delivered of which the CDM will have a pivotal leadership role. This includes but is not limited to the Digital Health Record and the Canberra Hospital Expansion Project Critical Services Building (CSB). A key role will also be to ensure medical engagement with the service, and to oversee the development of a strategic medical workforce plan.

More information

For further information we encourage you to contact Dr Andrew Slattery at

Applications close: 18 February 2024

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