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FRACMA Dr Jeannette Young to be next QLD Governor

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The College extends our congratulations to FRACMA Dr Jeannette Young, who will become the next Governor of Queensland in November this year.

Dr Young became a Fellow of the College in 2005, the same year she became Chief Health Officer for Queensland. She will continue as CHO until November to oversee the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Queensland.

Dr Young will be Queensland’s fourth female governor, following in the footsteps of Leneen Forde (1992-97), Dame Quentin Bryce (2003-08) and Penelope Wensley (2008-14).

Also a College Preceptor, Dr Young was bestowed the Distinguished Fellow Award in March this year for years of ongoing commitment to public service and achievement in the wider healthcare system.

Dr Young has held multiple appointments across the broader health and academic sector in Queensland and nationally and she has a list of roles recognising exemplary commitment to Medical Leadership.

The College is extremely proud of Dr Young’s achievements and honoured to have Members of her calibre part of our valuable fraternity ensuring the clinical quality, safety and system integrity of our healthcare system.

Author: Felicity Gallagher

30th June 2021

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