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Position Statement on COVID-19 Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers

RACMA believes it is imperative that healthcare providers vigilantly foster a COVID safe environment for the community, patients, but also for all its healthcare workers.


RACMA regards a healthcare worker’s health and wellbeing as essential for system integrity. In addition, healthcare workers in clinical and non-clinical settings also have a duty to practice in a COVID safe way which should be facilitated within our healthcare environments. To achieve this COVID safe environment, there is overwhelming scientific evidence which indicates that COVID-19 vaccination is an essential factor and is highly effective.


RACMA regards that having a workforce with up to date immunisation, in both clinical and non-clinical settings, is necessary as a significant control measure against the COVID-19 pandemic. RACMA recognises the interplay between personal rights and liberties, and the mandating of any requirements such as vaccination, or the use of PPE.


RACMA recommends all levels of government and the full range of healthcare providers continue supporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout programs in all areas of need, ensuring equity of access for all healthcare workers and all communities, especially those from vulnerable populations (such as First Peoples and those from non-English speaking backgrounds).


In recognition of the primary role of the health professions to keep the patients safe,  RACMA urges all governments’ implement strategies which facilitate access to vaccines in addition to measures which may reduce resistance by healthcare workers to vaccinate, including, if required, mandatory vaccination. We believe these steps are necessary to achieve the up to date vaccination needed for all healthcare workers to keep us all safe.


For healthcare workers who have personal circumstances which limit their choice to vaccination RACMA highly recommends they should urgently seek proper medical advice, to ensure that they, their loved ones and their communities remain COVID safe.