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Equitable Access to Quality Healthcare

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) believes that all Australians have an equal right to quality health care and we call on the Federal and State governments to work with stakeholders to ensure that equality of health care provision is achieved for all Australians.

Associate Professor Alan Sandford AM, President of RACMA states  “Expert medical leaders need to be supported by adequate resources to ensure that equitable and quality health care is available to all Australians regardless of where they live.  The time for blame is over and we all need to work together to develop solutions that improve the health outcomes of Australians living in rural, region and remote Australia”.

RACMA believes that we should be looking urgently at all aspects of a successful health care system –  medical leaders with the skills and resources to provide expert clinical governance and health service planning and delivery, providing adequate technology to support clinicians working and training outside of the metropolitan area, and ensuring strategies to address workforce maldistribution. There must be meaningful engagement with all parties, which ensures that no communities in Australia are disadvantaged, based on geography or location.