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Digital Health

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators

Recognises that:

  • Profound societal changes are possible as a result of the “digital revolution” and the innovations that it brings.
  • Digital health empowers and enables informed health consumers.
  • Health service design and delivery is affected by digital health. The changes include the roles and responsibilities of clinicians, patients and carers, and clinical and business models.
  • Digitally enabled innovation has potential for safer, better and more productive healthcare however, it also brings new risks and new ethical challenges.

Ensures that:

  • The role of the medical leader in clinical governance and change management regarding digital health is reflected in the College curriculum.
  • Its education programs for medical leaders are focused on how to expertly govern the disruption arising from digital health including data creation, information transfer, and system security.

Will advocate for:

  • Digital health as a determinant of societal equity.
  • The role of qualified medical leaders in development, leadership and governance of digital health systems.
    The judicious use of Artificial Intelligence as an adjunct to clinical service delivery under the supervision of qualified health professionals.
  • Public policies that enable the benefits and address the challenges associated with digital health.
    Legislation and policies that protect individuals and their personal data within the environment of digital health.
    Industry and workforce policies to support, train and equip an appropriate health workforce.
  • Continued research on digital health, its benefits, its risks and its management.