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Professor Jane Bryson

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Professor Bryson brings to the Board extensive experience and understanding of health leadership, management, education, research and governance, with a career focused on facilitating the development and learning of others.

Her academic research career focused on the management of professionals, and the range of factors (institutional, organisational and individual) which influence human capability at work. Her research has been published in numerous journals and she has spoken at several international conferences.

Professor Bryson has governance experience in the education sector, on a Board of Governors, on a Ministerial committee, on various Advisory Boards, and in various large project governance roles.

Originally an organisational psychologist and manager in the public and private sectors, she has spent the last eight years in a range of senior Faculty leadership positions culminating in acting Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean.

Professor Bryson’s experience has provided her with practical management experience over a range of organisations together with a strong appreciation of the need to link academic enquiry in a Business School with organisational and management practice in operating business environments.