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Our History

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) was founded in 1968 in recognition of the emergence of medical administration as a specialty in its own right. It was established with the aim of promoting and advancing the study of health services management by medical practitioners.

The Articles of Association were adopted on 21 March 1967. The Founding Convocation and inauguration of the (then) Australian College of Medical Administrators was held at The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Melbourne on 29 and 30 May, 1968. There were 279 founding Fellows.

On 6 August 1979, His Excellency Sir Zelman Cowan, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, advised that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was pleased to give approval for the granting of the prefix ‘Royal’ to the Australian College of Medical Administrators. 

The College was recognised by the National Specialist Qualification Advisory Committee in 1980 as the appropriate examining body for the new specialty of medical administration. Hence, the Fellowship is a nationally recognised specialist qualification.

In August, 1998, when links with New Zealand were formally established, the College changed its name to The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators. RACMA has also formed an affiliation with the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM). 

The College’s First Office Bearers

PresidentDr W E E Langford
Senior Vice-PresidentDr C J Cummins
Vice-PresidentDr B Nicholson
Honorary SecretaryDr S J H Shepherd
Honorary TreasurerDr G I H Howard
Censor-in-ChiefSir William Refshauge

RACMA Presidents

The College President serves for a term of three years. The following persons have been College Presidents:

1968-70Dr W E Langford
1970-72Dr C J Cummins
1972-74Dr B Nicholson
1974-76Dr S J H Shepherd
1976-78Dr H Kramer
1978-80Dr W T McCoy
1980-82Dr R C Webb
1982-84Dr R G McEwin
1984-86Dr I R Vanderfield
1986-88Dr J G Golledge
1988-90Dr B J Kearney
1990-92Dr P J Brennan
1992-94Dr C V Wellington
1994-96Dr J Alexander
1996-98Dr M R (Taffy) Jones
1998-00Dr M Jelly
2000-02Dr J Sparrow
2002-04Dr S Devanesen
2004-06Dr P Montgomery
2006-08Professor G Frost
2008-10Dr D Rankin
2010-12Dr R Boyd
2012-15Dr L Gruner
2015-18Professor M Cleary
2018-21Associate Professor A Sandford AM
2021-Dr H Parsons CSC

RACMA Censor in Chief

The Censor in Chief has responsibility for all College assessment and also oversees the alignments of the Curriculum with the Assessment Framework in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. The Censor in Chief is also Chair of the Board of Censors. The following persons have occupied this important position:

1968-75Sir William Refshauge
1975-78Dr R McEwin
1978-83Dr T Wood
1983-86Dr S Sax
1986-89Dr B Kearney
1989-92Dr J Alexander
1992-95Dr P Southgate
1995-99Dr J Campbell
1999-05Dr G Frost
2005-10Dr L Gruner
2010-13Dr L Lee
2013 -18Associate Professor A Sandford AM
2018- Dr Peter Lowthian
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