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The College has been consulting with Members on a review of the RACMA Constitution to ensure it is contemporaneous, complies with relevant legislative requirements, is sufficiently flexible to allow the College to be agile in the future to changes in the environment, and reflects sound governance.

A working group was formed after an expression of interest and is chaired by members of the RACMA Board. Over the last 12 months, meetings have been held with Jurisdictional and other College committees to obtain feedback on the current constitution and to hear what Members believe are the key issues going forward.

A series of Consultation Papers have been developed for the whole College Membership, focusing on different key areas of the Constitution which need to be reviewed and updated.

It is intended a new Constitution will be presented for consideration at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Current Consultations

Consultation Paper #4 is currently being finalised for circulation.

Previous Consultations

Constitution Review Consultation Paper #3 – Board Subcomittees (March 2022)

Constitution Review Consultation Paper #2 – Composition of the Board (March 2022)

Consultation Paper #1 – The Objects and Purpose of the College (November 2021)

If you have any questions, please email info@racma.edu.au.

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