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Recognition of the HKCCM CME & CPD program for CEP certification of HK FRACMA

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Approval Date: August 2016
Next Review Date: August 2019
Review By: Education and Training Committee/CEP Committee

1. Background 

There are a number of HKCCM Fellows (FHKCCM) who are also RACMA Fellows (FRACMA). FHKCCM must undergo a compulsory CME/CPD program. The HKCCM CME/CPD program guidelines and activities are considered equal to those required by the RACMA Continuing Education Program (CEP) and are expected to be completed during a three year cycle (triennium).

Annually, joint FHKCCM/FRACMA who completes the HKCCM CME/CPD requirements will be given automatic certification for the same RACMA CEP period.

2. Procedure 
In consultation with the HK CEP Co-ordinator, the RACMA Secretariat will provide a list of FRACMA in HK to the HKCCM Secretariat. The HKCCM Secretariat will confirm compliance to the HKCCM CME/CPD requirements of those RACMA Fellows in HK.

The HK CEP Co-ordinator and CEP Committee Chair will endorse certification of the FHKCCM/FRACMA with the RACMA CEP Certificate.

3. Related Documents 
HKCCM Principles and Guidelines on Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development
RACMA Constitution 2015 – Sections 7, 8 and 9.4-9.11
RACMA CEP Standard
Recording CEP Participation Procedure