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Definition of a College Academic Year

1. Purpose and Background

The Board on the recommendation of the Education and Training Committee has approved adoption of the nationally recognised commencement date for registrars in Australia and NZ as the first Monday in February.

The academic year will be defined in weeks and aligned with the AHPRA & Medical Board of Australia (MBA) definition (July 2011). This definition will be relevant for all NZ candidates to the extent it does not disadvantage NZ candidates.

The College accepts that the 47 weeks (one academic year) must be completed within a period of no more than 2 years. This period excludes annual leave but may include up to two weeks of professional development leave.

2. Scope

This Regulation will apply to:

  • Candidates in all College Fellowship Training Programs.
  • Use of the 47 weeks of equivalent full time equivalent (FTE) experience to:
    • Define the period of clinical practice, involving direct patient care, in an approved hospital, general practice and ambulatory locations for the purposes of meeting the candidacy application pre-requisite of 3 years EFT (3x47weeks);
    • Define the period of supervised workplace practice within the Fellowship Training Program (i.e. 3×47 weeks for a full/part time candidate);
  • Applicants will be required to provide evidence of the minimum 3 years (47week x 3) clinical experience as a pre-requisite for Candidacy. This will be used in the assessment of the Application for Candidacy.
  • Candidates will be required to provide appropriate evidence of the period of supervised workplace practice to meet the progression requirements of the Fellowship Training Program and eligibility for the Pre-Fellowship Examination;

3. Documents and Related Policies/Procedures

  • Proposed Registration Standard for Consultation, Medical Board of Australia (July 2011)
  • Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Processing Applications for Candidacy Policy
  • RACMA Fellowship Training Program Requirements
  • Eligibility to sit the Pre-Fellowship Oral Examination
  • RACMA Constitution 2009