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Candidate Transfer to AFRACMA

Subject:FRACMA Candidate Transfer to AFRACMA (Associate Fellowship) membership class
Approved:  December 2017
Review Date:December 2019
Endorsed by:
Approved by:
Education and Training Committee

1.     Position

In 2013, it was deemed potentially appropriate for Candidates who were unsuccessful in the Pre-Fellowship Oral Examination to transfer to AFRACMA status if they did not wish to proceed to re-sitting the Oral Examination, in recognition of the study they had undertaken. 

Under the RACMA Constitution the Board may approve education and training programs leading to the AFRACMA membership class status. The AFRACMA educational program consists of three face-to-face workshops and several webinars held across a 12-month period. AFRACMA candidates complete reflective assignments and quarterly learning sets. AFRACMA candidates are not required to complete Master’s studies, nor are they required to be successfully completing medical management practice.

The Board has acknowledged that approved components of the current learning program completed by Candidates in the Fellowship Training Program may also be suitable for consideration for eligibility for the award of AFRACMA membership. 

2.      Procedures

The Regulation describes the requirements for eligibility for membership transfer and the processes to be followed to achieve it.

3.      Scope and Policy 

        This Regulation applies to Candidate members who have completed the following:

  • at least one national workshop approved by the Board as an FTP workshop;
  • at least one FTE year of success in accredited supervised medical management practice, and
  • payment of the fees applying to Candidate membership status and fees for one year of training.

4.                        Application

        Candidates must apply on the relevant transfer form. There will be no application fee for those 

        FRACMA Candidates applying to transfer who are within two years of the start of their FTP 


An application by Candidate in the FTP for the transfer the AFRACMA membership must be endorsed by the Candidate’s Preceptor and/or the Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training.  The application will be considered by the Education and Training Committee for endorsement by the RACMA Board.

5.       Compliance with the AFRACMA membership and CPD requirements 

All AFRACMA members must comply with the appropriate CPD requirements and College membership fees to maintain RACMA membership and post-nominal of the AFRACMA. 

The AFRACMA members will be required to achieve 25 CPD points on an annual basis, with evidence, to comply with the CEP requirements. 

6.       Reconvening Fellowship Training Program as AFRACMA member:

Any former RACMA Candidate who has made the change to the AFRACMA membership class may be entitled to reapply to the Fellowship Training Program. 

·      These AFRACMA members may re-apply for Candidacy. These applicants may seek recognition of prior learning (RPL) for earlier completed training but may be required to undertake new requirements for success in the FTP in line with the College Handbook at the time of re-application. 

·      Credit may be sought upon re-application for the previously completed University provided such studies were completed within the previous 10 years. 

·      Each application will be considered on its merits and against the FTP requirements which apply at the time.

7.       Definitions

Associate Fellow:

An Associate Fellow is a registered Medical Practitioner:

·     who has fulfilled any educational and training requirements established by the Board, or has 

      such other qualifications and experience as the Board considers adequate, to qualify for this

      class of Membership; 

·      who meets the standards for participation in continuing education adopted and promulgated by the Board in accordance with clause 7.1 of the RACMA Constitution; 

·    who has been admitted by the Board to that class of Membership; and 

·    whose Membership has not ceased as a consequence of the provisions of clause 9 of the RACMA Constitution.


A Candidate is a registered Medical Practitioner:

·     who is participating in a training program approved by the Board in preparation for 

     admission as a Fellow; 

·       who has been admitted by the Board to that class of Membership; and 

whose Membership has not ceased as a consequence of the provisions of clause 9 of the RACMA Constitution

8.     Responsibilities

The Education & Training Committee will:

  • Endorse the requirements for eligibility to AFRACMA and recommend to the Board these membership applications for approval
  • Review the Regulation periodically in the light of any changes to any of the RACMA educational and training requirements.

The Preceptor will:

  • Approve Candidate’s application to transfer to the AFRACMA membership class.
  • May be asked to provide input to the College on the performance of the Candidate for the purposes of approval and decision making for the transfer to AFRACMA membership

The Candidate prior to the application for transfer to AFRACMA will:

  • Liaise with the Preceptor and/or JCT to decide on ceasing candidacy and pursuing an application for the award of AFRACMA
  • Notify the RACMA National Office of all changes to candidacy intentions
  • Submit an application for the award of AFRACMA to the AFRACMA Coordinator at the RACMA National Office using the appropriate application form.
  • Pay any pro-rata membership fees relevant to the AFRACMA membership

The Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training will:

  • Advise the Candidate on aspects of benefits and risk in decisions to abandon candidacy
  • Provide appropriate support to the Candidate applying for the award of AFRACMA
  • Liaise with the training organisation and advise the Jurisdictional Committee on changes in the Candidates membership status

The RACMA National Office will:

  • Assess the eligibility of the Candidate for making the transition to the new membership class in accordance with the Regulation
  • Administer the Application for Candidate Transfer to AFRACMA Membership Class
  • Administer changes to the relevant membership and financial data bases and other information systems
  • Inform relevant stakeholders of the changes in the Candidate’s status of membership
  • Provide a report to the Education and Training Committee and subsequently to the Board of changes to the membership class to seek governance approval
  • Make any changes as necessary to the register of accredited training posts

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