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Langford Oration

The Langford Oration, named in honour of the College’s Foundation President, the late Dr Sam Langford, is delivered by a distinguished person on a topic of his or her choosing during the Conferment Ceremony. The Oration takes place after new Fellows, Associate Fellows and Honorary Fellows are admitted to RACMA and College awards are presented.

Langford Orations have been delivered by:

2022Dr Simone Raye
2019Professor Villis Marshall AC
2018Professor Keiji Fukuda
2017Professor Gavin Frost
2016Professor John Pearn
2015Major Campbell Roberts
2014Professor Mohamed Khadra
2013The Honourable Justice Catherine E Holmes
2012Rear Admiral Robyn Walker
2011Professor John Catford
2010Professor Judith MacKay
2009Professor Fred Hilmer
2008Professor Chris Baggoley
2007Professor John Pearn
2006Sir Guy Greene
2005Ms Beth Wilson
2004Professor Sir John Scott
2003Her Excellency Prof. Marie Bashir AC
2002Professor Fiona Stanley AO
2001Professor John Funder AO
2000Professor John Hay
1999Dr John Yu
1998Rt Rv Richard Randerson
1997Dr Miles Lewis
1996Mr Gatjil Djerrkura
1995Professor Susie Linden-Laufer
1994Professor Alan Gilbert
1993Sir Llewellyn R Edwards
1992Professor J Young
1991The Hon Mr Justice D Malcolm
1990His Excellency Dr D McCaughey
1989Emeritus Professor P Karmel
1988Senator The Hon P Baume
1987Dr M H Durie
1986Dr J Watson
1985Professor A Cobbold
1984Mr R Gibson
1983Professor H Attwood
1982Mr A Cohen
1981Sir Zelman Cowen
1980Professor G D Tracey
1979Professor R Sackville
1978Sir Gustav Nossal
1977Mr Justice F G Brennan
1976Dr C J Cummins
1975Dr D Myers
1974Professor E Saint
1973Dr W E R Hackett
1972Professor L J Kramer
1971Professor H M Whyte
1970Mr A J A Gardner
1969Professor J Loewenthal
1968Sir Philip Baxter