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Margaret Tobin Challenge Award

The Challenge Award was renamed to the Margaret Tobin Challenge Award in December 2002. The renaming of the award was to recognise the late Dr Margaret Tobin’s contribution to RACMA and for her passion in developing leadership in the field of mental health.

This Challenge award is presented to the highest calibre Candidate presentation (12 minutes) aligned to the conference theme or sub themes.

Presentations should be limited to a maximum of 12 minutes, with a further three minutes allocated to questions.

The Award will be presented to the Candidate who presents a paper of the highest quality in the opinion of the judging panel. This panel will comprise the Censor in Chief, and Chairs Continuing Education Program Committee and Education and Training Committee.

State/Territory/New Zealand Committees are asked to encourage a number of Candidates to present a paper for the Award. These are then shortlisted and a Candidate representative is nominated and declared to the National Office.

Click Here for the Margaret Tobin Challenge Award Regulation.

Past Challenge Award recipients:

2023Dr Nathan Vos
2022Dr Jerry Abraham Alex
2020/21Dr Brian Yow
2019Dr Rajdeep Ubeja
2018Dr Amber Winter
2017Dr Piraveen Pirakalathanan
2016Dr Sonia Chanchlani
2015Dr Sean Keogh
2014Dr Sergio diez Alvarez
2013Dr Paul Eleftheriou
2012Dr Leah Barrett-Beck
2011Dr Glendon Farrow
2010Dr Bennie Ng
2010Dr Heidi Yeats
2009Dr Albert Ip
2008Dr Erwin Loh
2007Dr Marc Lacos
2006Dr Nick Fletcher
2005Dr Malcolm Mohr
2004Dr Alison Dwyer
2003Dr Craig Margetts
2002Dr P.K. Loh
2001Dr Mark Lubliner
2000Dr John Gallichio
1999Dr Campbell Miller
1999Professor Leslie Burnett
1998Dr Leonie Katekar
1997Dr Bernard Street
1996Dr Jennifer Majoor
1995Dr Andrew Baker
1994Dr John De Campo
1993Dr Michael Cleary
1992Dr Shane Kelly
1991Dr Richard Cockington
1991Dr Marcus Hodge
1990Dr Michael Walsh