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Management Case Study Guidelines for Assessment

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Written Management Case Study Assessment

Censors will assess the quality of work and as well as the adherence to the report title, literature review, critical analysis, and skills in writing.

Assessment will be made by two Censors and feedback provided to Candidates via the National Office.

Censors will consider the following criteria:

Remarking of pieces of assessment

If remarking or resubmission of the piece of assessment is recommended by the Markers, the following procedures will apply:

The assessment grade guidelines

Pass (60-100) 
An acceptable level of performance

Rewrite (50-59) 
An almost acceptable level of performance where the assessor believes a minor rewrite is required in less than 4 key assessable criteria.

Unsuccessful (0-49)
An unacceptable level of writing. A new submission will be required in the following year/s of Candidacy.

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