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Boards of Studies


The purpose of this Regulation is to describe the role and responsibilities of the Jurisdictional Boards of Studies. 


A jurisdictional Committee may create a Board of Studies to advise the Committee on the delivery of specific jurisdictional training programs for Candidates. Such training programs will support and supplement the national training program and will be developed within the framework of the College’s fellowship training curriculum. 

The Chairs of a Board of Studies will be appointed by the Education and Training Committee on the recommendation of the jurisdictional committee. The Chair of a Board of Studies will be an elected member of the jurisdictional Committee. 

The term of office of the Chair of the Board of Studies is three years. 

Chairs of Boards of Studies will normally be members of the College Training Sub-Committee, of the Board’s Education and Training Committee. 


The Chair of the Board of Studies will: 


The role of each of the Boards of Studies is to: 

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