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WA Jurisdictional Committee

Created date: May 2016
Endorsed Date: June 2016
Updated date: June 2016
Next review: May 2019
Ratified by: WA State RACMA Committee on 20 July 2016

1. Name
The committee shall be known as the WA State RACMA Committee.

2. Purpose
The purpose of the WA State RACMA Committee under the Constitution, will be to:

3. Responsibilities of members of the WA RACMA State Committee

Each person who is a member or office bearer of the WA RACMA State Committee is responsible, in accordance with the terms of reference set out in regulation 3, for ensuring that the jurisdiction performs the role set out in clause 15.5 of the Constitution.

The functions of the WA RACMA State Committee shall be to:

Members and office bearers of jurisdictional committees must:

A member of a jurisdictional committee is not entitled to any fees or remuneration in respect of his or her membership of the Committee or participation in Committee activities.

4. WA RACMA State Committee Finances

On occasions where the Committee wishes to seek or apply for funding or payment from external bodies, it must comply with the following requirements:

5. Meeting Frequency

The Constitution sets out the following requirements for meetings of the WA State RACMA Committee:

These Regulations provide further:

6. General meetings of WA State RACMA Committee

The Constitution sets out the following requirements for meetings of the Committee:

7. Annual Meeting of jurisdictional committees chairs, Board representatives and officeholders

The Constitution requires that there be an annual meeting between members of the Board, the chairperson of the Education and Training Committee and the chairpersons of each jurisdictional committee. The Constitution sets out the following requirements:

These Regulations provide further:

8. Membership of the WA State RACMA Committee

Clause 15.6 of the Constitution provides that each jurisdiction must elect a jurisdictional committee consisting of a chairperson who is a Fellow and at least 3 other Members, as determined by the jurisdiction from time to time. A jurisdictional committee must be comprised of Members who reside in or who have joined that jurisdiction in accordance with clause 15.4.

9. Sub-Commitees of the WA State RACMA Committee

10. Jurisdictional committee elections

11. Nominations

An election for membership of a jurisdictional committee may be conducted by postal or electronic ballot.

12. Confidentiality

The discussion and decisions of the meeting shall not be conveyed to any unauthorised persons.

13.Conflict of Interest

14. Adoption and amendment of Terms of Reference

Variations of these Terms of Reference are to be ratified at the WA RACMA State Committee Meeting.

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