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Curriculum Steering Committee


The Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum (the Curriculum) is the key Policy guiding the implementation of the education and training programs of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.  The Curriculum identifies graduate outcomes, learning outcomes, training objectives and aligned assessment methods for members of the College (Fellows, Associate Fellows and Candidates) and RACMA’s educational program participants.

Since the current Curriculum was launched in late 2011, additions have been made to knowledge learning objectives and these have been published on the ‘Curriculum’ page of the College website as ‘study themes’. Work has ensued on workplace skill expectations and prioritising attitude development.

In 2017 the Board endorsed a change in the model of learning in the Fellowship Training Program from a progression model to an integrated one. It was acknowledged that a comprehensive renewal of the Curriculum may be required.

For 2018 the ETC is seeking an articulated syllabus for workplace observation and feedback in the Medical Management Practice Domain, including a plan for supervisor training. 

For 2018/2019 the ETC is seeking a comprehensive curriculum outline for the Personal and Professional Leadership Domain.

These developments have necessitated some changes in the continuing Terms of Reference of the Curriculum Steering Committee, from 2018.


Development and monitoring of the Curriculum is the responsibility of the Education and Training Committee (ETC) of the Board and it receives advice from the Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC).

The Curriculum Steering Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending updating of the RACMA Curriculum.


The Chair of the Curriculum Steering Committee is appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Chair of the Education and Training Committee. The standing members of the CSC are:

The membership may include the Chairs of Working Parties for relevant periods. The membership will be representative of the College policies on diversity in governance.



Working Parties


The CSC will develop processes for evaluating its activities, which will include:

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