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Travel Policy
Approval Date: October 2011
Last Reviewed: August 2011
Review By: Finance Committee
Review By: Under Review


The following policy applies for reimbursement of allowable expenses for attendance at College meetings.

The College is required to adhere to ATO regulations regarding reimbursement specifications for travel expenses. The College requires an original receipt for all expenses. In addition, ATO regulations state that credit card statements are not acceptable as documentation of expenses.

Air travel

Journeys will be booked by RACMA on behalf of the traveller. The traveller must complete a Travel Request Form and return to the Secretariat before a journey will be booked.

If the traveller is booking on their own behalf, they must abide by the following conditions when seeking reimbursement.

Air travel is to be at the lowest available fare. Every effort should be made to make reservations early and use the lowest available fare for air travel. Requests for flexible tickets are to be referred to the College for approval. Charges for flight changes made for the traveller’s convenience are the responsibility of the traveller an d will be paid by the College subject to approval in advance. Flight upgrades will not be provided for by the College.

All domestic travel will be economy class.

  • For international journeys of more than six hours flight time, business class fares may be considered if a request is referred to the College for approval.

Ground Transport

  • The College will reimburse for car rentals when this mode of travel is the most economic and practical option.
  • Ground transportation between the traveller’s home, the airport and the meeting location - by shuttle, taxi, train or bus – will be reimbursed with receipts or, in the case of taxi fares, can be paid by prearranged "Cabcharge" vouchers.
  • Parking and tolls will be reimbursed, with receipts.
  • Valet parking will not be reimbursed unless required under exceptional circumstances.
  • Use of own car will be reimbursed on a mileage rate used by the ATO. www.ato.gov.au


Reservations are to be made at the College's contracted hotel and/or at a comparable tariff. Room rate, meals and tax only will be billed directly to the College. If the traveller wishes to make his/her own arrangements, the College will reimburse up to the tariff of the contracted hotel rate.

Incidental Expenses

The College will reimburse reasonable expenses for meals and telephone calls made on College business. Personal calls to home may be reimbursed, provided these are kept to a minimum number and length of call. Incidental expenses can be charged to the traveller's credit card and, if these meet the College criteria, reasonable expenses can be submitted for reimbursement.

An Expense Reimbursement Form (attached) is required to be completed, with all original receipts attached, and submitted to the Secretariat before any reimbursement will be made. Copies of credit card statements are not acceptable as evidence of an expense.

The College’s preferred method of reimbursement is by electronic means. Claimants should forward BSB and Account information to the College with their reimbursement request.

Cash Advances

Per diem advances for incidental out-of-pocket expenses are not provided.

What is not reimbursed?

Personal expenses such as travel insurance, health club fees and movies will not be reimbursed. Without prior approval, the following costs will not be covered by RACMA:

  • Mini Bar
  • Breakfast served in hotel room (breakfast is provided in the designated hotel breakfast area
  • Valet parking at airport or hotel. Standard parking rate only

Should these expenses be found on the RACMA account, the individual will be invoiced for these costs.

The College does not reimburse any expenses for an accompanying spouse, relative or friend or for personal alcoholic beverages.

Expenses for Censors and Board Members

Censors, Board Members and Jurisdictional Committee Chairs should pay their own air fares to examinations and Board meetings scheduled prior to and during the annual conference activities, where the Censors, Board Members and Jurisdictional Committee Chairs are also attending the annual conference. In such cases the College will cover the additional expenses associated with accommodation and catering for participation in the examinations and Board meetings.

Note: It has been an expectation that Board members will attend the College annual conference.

Where Censors, Board Members and Jurisdictional Committee Chairs are not able to attend the annual conference the College will cover expenses to participate in the examinations and Board meetings. Normal travel expense limits will apply.


Except for extenuating circumstances, fees accrued for late cancellations of air travel and/or hotel reservations, without sufficient notice, will be at the traveller's expense.

Travel Insurance

The College will provide travel insurance to cover the period when the College member is reasonably expected to be on College business.


Expenses Reinbursement Form:view pdf file|download pdf file


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