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Principles for the Implementation of Change
Approval Date: March 2009
Review By: Education and Training Committee
Next Review: October 2012

Council has agreed a set of principles to guide the implementation of change in the fellowship training program:

Principles for the Implementation of Change:

  • All proposed changes to the design/requirements, delivery and structure of the fellowship training program, and which impact on an existing cohort of candidates, should be signed off by the Education and Training Committee and recommended to Council.
  • All proposed changes should be communicated to candidates via correspondence delivered on-line (email and web site) and through the mail.
  • All significant change should be recorded in the College 'Handbook' and in revised guidelines.
  • Significant change will be advised at least 12 months in advance of the implementation date.
  • Significant change should apply at the commencement of a calendar year to a new cohort of candidates and not be retrospective.
  • Continuing candidates should be expected to meet the training requirements outlined in the College Handbook at the time that Council approves their candidacy.

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