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Tasmanian Project


Since 2014, the Training More Specialist Doctors in Tasmania project (The Tasmanian Project) has provided Australian government funding to increase training places in Tasmania.  This funding provides support for specialist fellowship training and supervisory positions undertaken and completed in Tasmania.   The aim of the Tasmania Project is to enhance the long-term delivery of specialist medical services in Tasmania. The number of Tasmanian Project funded positions across all specialist medical colleges is currently set at 51 FTE training posts.

Funded positions

RACMA is funded for the following positions:

Position typeFunded FTE

There is currently no opportunity to apply for an STP-funded post under the Tasmanian Project, however it is possible that a Reserve List may be introduced in future.  

Please see the Operational Framework for further information about the Tasmanian Project.

RACMA Contact

If you would like to speak with a RACMA staff member about the STP program, please email stp@racma.edu.au or phone: 03 9088 7962.

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