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How much of my time is required to be a Supervisor?

The amount of time required is dependent upon the level of supervision required for each Candidate.  However, as part of your supervisory role you are expected to:

  1. Attend RACMA professional development programs, webinars and workshops for certification and training purposes.
  2. Participate in the development of an ANNUAL TRAINING PLAN to identify learning activities planned for the current year.  The Candidate is responsible for initiating contact with their Preceptor and Supervisor, facilitating the development, completion and submission of the Annual Training Plan.
  3. Review Candidate progress against the Annual Training Plan which will form part of the bi-annual IN-TRAINING PERFORMANCE REPORT.  The In-Training Performance Report also provides the opportunity for formal reflection and assessment of key achievements and development of competence in medical management practice and progress.
  4. Support your Candidate’s access to research for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the Research Training Requirements which supports the competency of Scholar – refer to the MEDICAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM, page 18.  Supervisors have a critical role in supporting Candidates’ development of research related competencies and access to research opportunities, such as facilitating access to health service data and a Human Research Ethics Committee.
  5. Support your Candidate in their preparation for examination. 

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