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Can I be a Supervisor?

There are two types of Supervisors; primary Supervisor and secondary Supervisor.

Primary Supervisor is the on-site Supervisor or line manager of the Candidate undertaking training. They are appointed by the employer and approved as part of the accreditation of training posts.  If the Training Supervisor is not a Fellow of the College, the Preceptor and Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training will provide additional oversight of the Candidate’s progress in the training program.  A secondary Supervisor who is a Fellow of the College will also be appointed.

Secondary Supervisor is appointed at the time of accreditation if the primary Supervisor is not medically qualified and/or a RACMA Fellow (FRACMA).  In this situation, shared supervision will be accepted with one Supervisor nominated as the primary Supervisor.

For more information on being a supervisor, please refer to the Supervisor Manual.

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