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Reporting obligations

Private settings that wish to use PICS for infrastructure expenses are asked to provide details, at the start of each academic year, about how they intend to do this. This is done by submitting a PICS Planned Infrastructure Expenditure Form.

There are a number of REPORTS and FORMS which must be completed to meet funding requirements.  The following documents are to be submitted to RACMA as outlined below.  Payments are made in arrears, after RACMA verifies the Progress Reports and Claim Forms submitted for the current reporting period.

ReportDue date
Planned Infrastructure Expenditure Form
Claim Form
17 January
Progress Report 2
Claim Form
Final Report
Candidate Exit Survey
To view all report and claim form templates click HERE

Funding Calculation

Calculations of PICS payments are based on information contained in the Progress Reports and Claim Forms. Payments may be affected by:

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