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PICS Liaison officer

As your health organisation’s PICS Liaison Officer, you are the key contact nominated in the Secondary Funding Agreement (SFA).  Your responsibilities include:


Report Submission

To access report templates and timelines, refer to the REPORTING OBLIGATIONS section.

Invoicing and payment

All evidence of claims and expenditure submitted (e.g. receipts, invoices etc) must be retained for audit purposes.  After RACMA has reviewed and accepted all reporting documents an email will be sent to the Liaison Officer:

STP funds will be paid to the health setting within 30 days of receipt of a correct tax invoice.



RACMA must ensure all STP funded posts are filled with minimum vacancy rates. The PICS Liaison Officer in the health setting must identify and report unfilled positions to RACMA immediately.


If a PICS funded post becomes vacant, the health setting is given a reasonable amount of time to recruit. If recruitment attempts are unsuccessful, RACMA has the right to redirect funding to a health setting on the Reserve List.

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